Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Wedding

Excuse my (normal) lousy photography skills...

Here we have the floor pan which has been kinda finished for the last year or 2 (a couple of things to complete but 95% complete) and the body ready to be dropped on after being away from it for 4 years.

And bang within about 30 seconds with 5 people (4 on the body and 1 x spotter), it is dropped on and aligned almost OK.

I am glad I had the rear apron replaced with the NOS one as below. It is straight as straight now compared to the original which was just awful and crap.

Engine still needs the tinware and stuff bolted on as you can see. On the right track though. The full flow oiling hides well behind the original 6V magnesium fan housings and apart from the 2 x hoses, nothing will look out of place.

Well that is a good look and a relief! I am going to unbolt it once it's delivered home and align it every so slightly better (it's 3mm or 4mm slightly skewed). It won't take much effort to get it spot on so why not.

You will start to see some good progress now. The parts are now about to all come out of the wrappers and be installed. Exciting times ahead.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

L512 Velvet Green at last!!!

Not in exactly the right order but you get the idea. The notchback shell was deemed to be 'good enough' to throw some paint on everywhere except the roof and air vent areas this week. I expect that it may require a bit of 'this and that' to get it 100% but thus far it's looking the business.

It will be refreshing to be able to install parts to the car instead of removing them which has been that way since I dismantled the car in 2013/14.

2 x knackered painters after a long day.

NOS rear apron looks spot on compared to the original bent and mangled sucker.

Rear quarters look pretty fair now compared to the rust that was there.

Although not seen, this area (and all) got painted properly this time round instead of poorly by VW back in 1964.

Never to be seen once carpeted but I know it's done right and you can see how the seam sealer was replicated as poorly as VW did (on purpose).

VW never painted under the fuel tank area on my car as good as this back in 1964.

This area was rusted too and required a load of TIG welding near the air vents. Was the worst part of the car going into the restoration.

On the right track now. Hope you enjoy it as much I have getting to this stage.

Friday, November 24, 2017

un-machined 36hp case half - NOS?

I found this un-machined 36hp case half while perusing the Grundmann collection in Germany this year. How something like this has survived from back then is amazing.